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About Jaisalmer

Popularly called as the "Golden City", Jaisalmer is one of the most famous destinations in the state of Rajasthan. Situated in the westernmost region of Rajasthan, the town is known for its location right in the middle of Thar Desert.

Tourists love going out for a Desert Safari amidst the vast sand dunes of the desert. Jaisalmer stands mighty and proud and welcome tourist from all over the world to get accustomed to her magical world of color, history and fable.


History of Jaisalmer

Rawal Jaisal Singh, belonging to the Bhatti clan, founded Jaisalmer in 1156 and made Jaisalmer Fort his capital. In 1293, Jaisalmer saw her first siege by the hands of Alauddin Khilji, after Bhatti clan confiscated a caravan loaded with riches. The enemy forces entered the ramparts after a 7 -year long battle, and destroyed the fort. There was another attack at Jaisalmer by Sultan Ferozshah. This attack was also prompted by the actions of rulers of Jaisalmer who raided Feroz Shah’s camp nearby Ajmer.

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