Traditional Shopping Markets in Rajasthan 2023

If you’re considering a Rajasthan tour, the vibrant and distinctive vacation destination in India awaits you, and don’t even get us started on the regional attractions and shopping! 

List of 14 Traditional Markets in Rajasthan

Though Rajasthan’s old-time magnificent forts and also magnificent royal residences draw the majority of visitors, your eyes will also be drawn to the vibrant street markets located throughout the state, which sell items such as invention, jewellery, natural leather goods, Rajasthani footwear, and a variety of other items.

  1. Johari Bazaar

Johari means jeweller, implying that the market has a wide range of stones to choose from. The event is a sea of gems, with Kundan work and Meenakshi being the most prominent traditional jewellery styles. The majority of the jewels are set with precious or semi-precious stones.

  1. Nehru Bazaar

The colourful jootis, which enhance the appearance of cultural attires, is a major tourist attraction in Nehru Bazar. Textiles, purses, handicrafts, and ceramics are also available in this market. It’s a buzzing locale that’s a favourite hangout for both tourists and locals.

  1. Sarak, Nai.

The bandhej and badhni clothing market, which are well-known as connections, as well as dye products, are a must-buy for any tourist in the Nai Sarak market. You can also bring home the beautiful bandanas, leather items, and hand-painted, lively saris that depict the opulent Rajasthani culture.

  1. Bapu Bazar

Bapu Bazar is a well-known textile market in Rajasthan, located adjacent to Johari Bazar. The genuine enchantment of Pink City is sprinkled throughout this delightful market, which is surrounded by lovely rural-pink buildings.

  1. Market in the Clock Tower

The Clock Tower Market is one of Rajasthan’s best shopping spots. It is most known for supplying a variety of different seasonings. Vintages, handicrafts, flavoured teas, and clothing, on the other hand, are all worthwhile purchases.

  1. Kishanpole Bazar

Kishanpole Bazar is a lovely bazaar for textiles, wooden furniture, and decorative items, as well as attractive fashion jewellery.

  1. Maniharon ka Rasta 

In Jaipur, Maniharon Ka Rasta offers a wide range of Lac bracelet choices. Customers can also receive or choose a personalised size and colour of Lac bracelet, as Manihari ladies can easily meet their needs.

  1. Gate of Kote

The best place to get cheap leather belts, bags, jutis, and colourful camel woollen carpets. Kundan jewellery, rock jewellery, Nokha Quilts, cotton materials, and Bikaner’s known difficult Usta art paintings are also available at the famous KEM highway market.

  1. Pol Bazar Hathi

The Hathi Pol Bazar in Udaipur, Rajasthan, attracts high-profile shoppers. This market entices visitors with a diverse selection of authentic and traditional goods, such as colourful footwear, innovations, textiles, Rajasthani patchworks, and home décor.

  1. Tripolia Bazaar

The magnificent jewellery and bangles of Tripolia Bazar are well-known. There is a large selection of stitched Bandhini tie and coloured textiles, brassware, development carpets, carpets, hardware, and other traditional items to be purchased there.

  1. Bazaar Malakhera

Due to its unique atmosphere, Malakhera Bazar is one of Alwar’s most famous shopping destinations. Malakhera Fete’s outlets provide a wide range of Rajasthani goods. This fair is famous for attracting a large number of visitors throughout the year. Travellers can purchase things at the best price at this fair, which is a one-of-a-kind feature.

  1. Pansari Bazaar

Pansari Bazar is the state’s oldest market and consequently offers traditional goods such as turbans, shenanigans, clothes, footwear, and more. 

  1. Pushkar’s Sarafa Bazaar

Pushkar, a pilgrimage tourism destination, is also a fantastic shopping destination. The Sarafa Bazar is the city’s largest neighbourhood bazaar, selling ready-to-wear clothes, fabulous accessories, massive jewellery, and authentic natural leather goods.

  1. MG Road, Bikaner

If you are looking for a mishmash of traditional Rajasthani products, the shops on MG Road in Bikaner are the place to visit. Tourists traverse only the exteriors of the market, but there is a huge number of small shops in the interiors of the MG Road. You can find handmade products and traditional items like leather juttis, Kundan jewellery and various other products.

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