Everything you Need to Know Before Travelling to Rajasthan

India is undoubtedly a place of unity in diversity, offering the entire world incredible attractions, stunning landscapes, incredible cultures, and must-see sights. 

Rajasthan is one of those places in India. Rajasthan is one of our country’s most gorgeous tourist destinations, with forts, museums, palaces, and a smattering of history. Rajasthan is the place to go if you want to visit a place that has both historical and natural beauty. 

Few things you should know about the Rajasthan

However, before you plan your Rajasthan Tour, there are a few things you should know about the state:

Top Attractions: 

Knowing where to go in Rajasthan and what to see will make your trip more enjoyable. During a visit, there are numerous sights that must be seen. Prepare a schedule and make sure to include these must-see attractions.


You can visit a number of places in Rajasthan’s capital, Jaipur. The Hawa Mahal, Amber Palace, City Palace, and other royal residences are examples.

  • Jaisalmer’s Fort, Gadisar Lake, Mandir Palace, and other notable attractions include the Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisar Lake, and Mandir Palace.
  • Jodhpur, Rajasthan’s Blue City, is home to the Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mahamandir Temple, and other attractions.

There are many more sites to explore, but make sure to stop by these three cities for a closer look into Rajasthan’s culture and customs.

Weather and Clothing: 

Rajasthan is India’s largest state, yet it also features an extremely humid environment during the day and a fairly cool climate at night. The broad coverage of the desert in the area is the cause of such a drastic fluctuation in temperature. Because sand absorbs sunlight and becomes hot, hot breezes blow from the desert to the settlements and cities. During the summer, it cools down enough at night to need the use of blankets.

As a result, keep both types of clothing on hand just in case. You can also buy traditional garments from Rajasthan’s bazaar’s shopping carts and spend the day blending in with the state’s residents.

Forts Aren’t the Only Reason for Their Popularity:

Many people mistakenly believe that Rajasthan is only known for its forts and palaces. Rajasthan’s beauty is not limited by the forts, palaces, and museums that can be found throughout the state. 

Every structure has a unique tale to tell, and every tradition exemplifies the strength of cultures and societies. Rajasthani cuisine is also known for capturing the hearts and souls of people all over the world. 

Tourists are drawn to the Ghagra Choli and Dhoti Pyjama wearing styles because of the complex decorations and wide range of colours available. So, Rajasthan is much more than just forts and museums.

Stay Duration: 

As previously stated, there are many cities to visit in Rajasthan to view the various portions of the state. So, if you want a fantastic trip that includes all of the best sights, shopping opportunities, fun activities, local hotspots, and delectable cuisines, a Rajasthan Tour Package is a great choice. 

It will give you a pre-paid itinerary as well as a guide who will show you the area’s top attractions as well as the best places to stay. Furthermore, tour packages can allow you to enjoy your holiday while staying within your budget.

You won’t be hit with any financial surprises at the end of your vacation, which is a regular occurrence when travelling.

Now you have a few things you should know before travelling to Rajasthan. Now is the time to book your vacation and see for yourself the splendour that Rajasthan’s past has to offer.

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