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The city of architectural excellence and the home to one of the seven wonders of the world-Agra. It is a dream destination for tourists around the world to take a glimpse of the magnificent forts in the Mughal capital.

Agra is a beautiful city near the capital of the country located on the banks of the Yamuna river. Agra was the most important city on the Indian subcontinent in the Mughal empire. The Agra Fort and Taj Mahal have even been designated as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. These forts along with the Sikandra fort were all built by Shah Jahan. The legend of the Taj Mahal is known to everyone as it was built to perpetuate the memory of Nur Jahan. Other famous monuments worth visiting are Itmad-ud-Daulah, Mehtab Bagh, Kalakriti Cultural & Convention Centre, and the Octagonal Tower.

TWhen the Mughal empire fell apart in the late 18th century, the city passed through the hands of the Marathas and then the East India Company. Following independence, Agra grew into an industrial city with a thriving tourism industry, as well as footwear, leather, and other manufacturing sectors.

The weather of the city is favourable for sightseeing because of its mild winters, hot and dry summers, and a monsoon season. The city still holds the essence of Mughal history and is famous for serving Mughal cuisines. Agra is part of the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, which includes Delhi and Jaipur, as well as the Uttar Pradesh Heritage Arc, which includes Lucknow and Varanasi.

The Agra sightseeing tour package booked at Rajasthan Holiday is an amazing deal to travel to the beautiful city of Agra at affordable prices. We provide the finest services in the entire state and our staff is very co-operative and friendly. Rajasthan Holiday's holiday packages are easy to book and are convenient for all the tourists visiting the city. We provide 24/7 customer support, taxi/cabs services and top-grade services to tourists all around the year.

A tour to the culturally rich city of Agra arranged by Rajasthan Holiday

Rajasthan Holiday arranges well-planned Agra sightseeing trips at the most affordable prices. Our staff at Rajasthan Holidays will pick you up from the airport/railway station to commence your journey. To go around the city, you'll be given air-conditioned vehicles. All of our cabs/taxis have very experienced drivers who will make your trip go as smoothly as possible. You will not be charged any additional fees, and a bi-lingual guide will accompany you.

  • Taj Mahal
  • Taj Mahal is included in the seven wonders of the world. It is indeed a wonderful place to visit. The palace is often referred to as the remnant of the love story between Shah Jahan and Mumtaj Mahal. Witness the beautiful white-marbled building standing majestically on the banks of river Yamuna with Rajasthan Holiday's Agra sightseeing Package.

    The Taj Mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum in the city of Agra, located on the right bank of the Yamuna River. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1632 to hold the tomb of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, as well as Shah Jahan's mausoleum. The tomb, which is the focal point, is surrounded on three sides by a broken wall and incorporates a mosque and a guest house. The making and designing of the royal palace took 22 years to build with the help of 22000 workers which included designers, masons and jewellers, The beauty of the magnificent structure is due to the delicate work on the walls and the symmetrical design. The walls have the verses of the Quran inscribed on them. During Shah Jahan's last seven years when he was captured by his son Aurangzeb, he spent his life looking at the Taj Mahal from the Agra Fort. After his death, Shah Jahan's son made Shah Jahan's tomb next to his wife's. At night during moonlit nights, the reflection of the Taj Mahal can be seen in the waters nearby which is a view that leaves the tourist speechless. The picturesque view is beyond comparison.

    Book your Agra sightseeing tour package from Rajasthan Holiday to see for yourself how beautiful the Taj Mahal is. Make sure to take as many pictures as you can with your friends and family. Plan your next vacation in the city of love and witness the true demonstration of love.

  • Agra Fort
  • The Agra Fort is a historical fort in Agra and also a World heritage site. It was constructed by Mughal Emperor Akbar between 1565 and 1573. But some people believed that the emperor only renovated the building as it was originally built even before the Mughals came to India.
    It was the primary location of the Rajput rulers of the Sikarwar clan until the Mughal Dynasty conquered it. The fort was called by other names like "Lal-Qila," "Fort Rouge," or "Qila-i-Akbari". It was built with bricks in the inner core and sandstone on the external surfaces. The fort was originally made of red stones but after the reigns of Shah Jahan, it was renovated again with white marble and some Parchin Kari. Agra fort overlooks other fort-like Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Jahangir's Palace, Khas Mahal, Shish Mahal and Musamman Bur. In the front courtyard, there is a statue of Maratha leader Chhatrapati Shivaji to commemorate his bravery. Once Chhatrapati Shivaji was called to the Agra Fort by Aurangzeb and was insulted in the court. Later Shivaji escaped from the Jai Singh quarters where he was captured.
    Plan your next Agra sightseeing tour with Rajasthan Holiday at affordable prices and visit the World Heritage with your own eyes.

  • Sikandra Fort
  • The Sikandra fort or the Akbar's tomb is a place where the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Akbar resides. It is located in the city of Sikandra and was made by Akbar's son Jahangir. The fort is made from red and white sandstone and has five stories. The fort looks like a pyramidal projection from the outside as it has high walls and protects from wild animals entering the fort. The garden along with the fort still gives off the Mughal vibe. The tomb is intricately designed ahs has fine delicate designs that portray the old architectural styles in which most of the forts in Agra were made. Book your Agra local sightseeing package from Rajasthan Holiday to see the beautiful fort of Sikandra in its original form.

  • Itmad-ud-Daulah
  • The Itmad-ud-daulah or the baby Taj is a mausoleum for Shah Jahan's wife Nur Jahan's father. It is often referred to as baby taj or baccha taj because it is a draft of the Taj Mahal. The fort is a transition from Red forts made from red sandstones to the ones built from white marble stones. This was the first monument built on the banks of the Yamuna River and the first to use pietra dura or Parchin Kari. Its architecture is predominantly Indo-Islamic, with arched doorways and octagonal-shaped towers. This majestic tomb, built on the banks of the Yamuna inspired the later creation of one of the world's wonders, the Taj Mahal. See the Jewel box-like structure in your Agra sightseeing tour booked from Rajasthan Holiday.

  • Mehtab Bagh
  • It is a quadrilateral garden located on the opposite side of the Yamuna river and can be seen from the Taj Mahal and Agra fort. Among Photographers, it is a famous spot to take pictures because the front yard of the garden gives a perfect view of the Taj Mahal. Tourists gather around the fountain of the garden to take pictures of the beautiful sunset.
    The garden was made by Shah Jahan as he use to take walks in the garden and admire the beauty of the forts around it. The garden has four pillars, green lush trees and an octagonal tank in the middle. Book your Agra local tour package from Rajasthan Holiday to see the garden's beauty and the Taj Mahal's reflection in the water during moonlit nights.

  • Kalakriti Cultural &Convention Centre
  • Kalkriti is a theatre or art display museum exhibiting the rich culture of Agra. It is a convention centre displaying the epic story of the Taj Mahal. The centre aims to preserve and appreciate the rich cultural history of India. The main attraction of the cultural centre is the delicate handicrafts done on marble, metal, wood, and stone, Every evening there is an in-house drams performance showcasing the story of the Taj Mahal in the form of a musical. It is staged by art enthusiasts and performed in the name of "Mohabbat-the-Taj: The Saga of Love". Kalakriti houses excellent artwork, and drama performances, displays handicrafts and is equipped with modern technology. The theatre is capable of seating 600+ audience and has Dolby surround sound system along with the modern mechanism to control visual effects and lighting. The sound system also ahs language translation for all the tourists whether Indians or foreigners to understand the meaning of the illustrations going on in the theatre. Book your Agra sightseeing package tour from Rajasthan Holiday to watch the live performances of the display of the cultural heritage of India.

  • Octagonal Tower
  • The uniquely shaped tall tower gives the perfect view of the Taj Mahl. Shah Jahan is believed to spend his last 7 years looking at the Taj Mahal before he died. It is also known as Musamman Burj and is a beautifully carved tower built by Shah Jahan close to his "Diwan-ae-khas" in Agra Fort. The octagonal tower used to be an important part of the Red fort in Agra before the British destroyed the fort. The Red fort was magnanimous in size and looked like a city containing small forts. The architecture of the tower is still beyond comparison and gives an old Indo-Islamic vibe to the city. The tower has thin-delicate carvings all over and is strategically built so that the cool breeze from the Yamuna river enters the tower and cools the inside. The octagonal tower is five-storied and is very spacious and open. The fourth storey has twenty-four columns and the fifth storey has a high arched gallery. The fifth story also has a cupola which is supported by eight shafts giving it the beautiful octagonal shape. The tall galleries not only gave the building a unique look but were also made for protection. Book Your Agra sightseeing trip from Rajasthan Holiday to witness the beautiful tower and the surrounding scenic beauty.

Book your Agra sightseeing tour packages from Rajasthan Holiday and experience the city of love. The prices at Rajasthan Holiday are the most reasonable in the market. We offer an 8-9 hour tour around the beautiful city of Agra. The temperature during October and March is favourable for sightseeing in the city which is why most tourists visit the palace during the same. We pick you up from the airport/railway station and drop you back after the Agra sightseeing tour.

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Agra Sightseeing

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Agra Sightseeing Package

Overview of Agra Sightseeing Package

There are many visitor spots in India, which is land of varying topography, climate and subculture. In this one country, you may locate all which you want. This is the specialty of Indian tourism. Yet, amongst all this, a very popular traveler vacation spot is Agra and that is more often than not because of the Taj Mahal this is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. People flock to this region for the duration of the yr and in case you are celebrating love, this is the last destination. Agra has a rich past from the Vedic instances and has been maximum influenced with the aid of the Mughal rule.

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1. Is the Agra sightseeing tour expensive?
No, The Agra Sightseeing tour booked from Rajasthan Holiday is not expensive. You can get a 5% extra discount if you choose your tour yourself.
2. Can we cover all spots in Agra on an Agra sightseeing trip?
Yes, an Agra sightseeing tour package booked from Rajasthan Holiday has a well-planned itinerary to cover all the major tourist spots in Agra.
3. How do we do the Agra local sightseeing trip?
At Rajasthan Holiday you will be given an ac-vehicle and a guide along with your package to move around in your Agra local sightseeing trip.
4. Does the Kalakriti cultural and convention centre hold an event?
Kalakriti is now an international cultural and convention centre which holds various events like weddings, conferences, graduation ceremonies, exhibitions etc.
5. Does the Agra sightseeing package cover monument entry charges?
No, the Agra sightseeing package booked from Rajasthan Holiday does not cover your monument entry charges. It covers everyday breakfast, ac Vehicle, guide amid the city visit, driver allowance, toll taxes and parking, state charges, fuel and necessary duty fees.

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